A Trip Down Krabi River

IMG_0959Located 275 kilometers to the north from the Malaysian borders is a town called Krabi. Nestled between a series of rivers, canals, mangroves and limestones cliff, Krabi town is one of Thailand’s more scenic provincial capital.
One of the most prominent landscape in Krabi is the Khao Khanap Nam,  two limestones hills standing tall at 100 meters flanking the Krabi River. The only way to Khao Khanap Nam is by boat and we had the pleasure of experiencing the famous long tail boat of Thailand.
The boat ride took us approximately 15 minutes from the town’s Chao Fa pier. We were told that this 5 kilometers long Krabi River is the shortest river in Thailand and runs into the Andaman Sea.
IMG_0970The twin peaks sits on a mangrove forests by the river beds and underneath one of the hills is a cave which was once home to ancient settlements. There are stairs leading up to the cave which makes our cave exploration easy breezy. Besides beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, we were also told quite a number of human skeletons and remains were found buried in the cave which further strengthen their theories.
Stairs leading up to the cave
This is the old entrance to the cave before the concrete stairs were built.
IMG_1194IMG_1184IMG_1094IMG_1087IMG_1061Continuing down the Krabi River we found ourselves in Koh Klang, a peaceful island with its people living the simple life of fishermen and farmers.



The village of Koh Klang along the Krabi River


IMG_1235Exploring the island using a tuk-tuk was very enjoyable. We could see that the island receives very few tourists and the people are very friendly. With the help from the government, the locals ventured in eco-tourism with activities like batik making, visiting fish farms and organizing trips into the mangrove forest.


Exploring Koh Klang on our tuk-tuk
Trying our hands on batik colouring


Stop by local stall for a sweet snack wrapped in Nipah leaves.
Who would have thought the juice from cashew nut fruit is very sweet!
IMG_1521Our day trip in Krabi ends with a delicious meal at the fish farm which we truly recommend. Bon Appetit or in thai… Gin hâi a-ròi!





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